Ælfred Rex Bible Story Book

The Ælfred Rex Bible Story Book is a chronological telling of the narrative of Scripture. Careful attention has been given to details and accuracy throughout.

  • 312 stories which emphasize the flow of Bible history

  • Stories are told with much of the Bible’s own language

  • Over 270 engravings selected from 19th century folios beautify the text

  • Scripture references, a pronunciation guide, and helpful questions accompany the stories

  • Additional information of interest is given in a section of endnotes, charts, and maps at the end of the book

Bible Curriculum for Churches & Schools

Based on the Ælfred Rex Bible Story Book, this curriculum is designed to reinforce and supplement the teaching of Bible stories to children. In both the church and the school editions, there are two levels of curriculum: Bible Story Lessons is suggested for ages 5–9, and Scripture Studies for ages 9–13.

  • Each series covers all the stories in the Ælfred Rex Bible Story Book

  • Each unit includes teacher’s guides and student workbooks.